Girls Coding Boot Camp Kigali Rwanda-College of Science and Technology

Women are vastly underrepresented in technical fields. While women are the leading adopters of technology, the software development industry is made up of 12% women. Where the remaining 82% is for boys. It seems to be a problem because of the gap between girls and boys in programming field. Girl’s boot camp will provide young women with unhindered access to computers in order to develop skills and creativity in using technology and to inspire them to join the next generation of Rwandan technology entrepreneurs. The camp will encourage young women to become active citizens by building their self-esteem, confidence, and skills. These have been the main reason for the conception of this project. We are convinced that this project will solve the gap between girls and boys in the field of programming.

On 14th December, stakeholders gathered to participate in Girl’s Coding Boot Camp, located in Design Thinking hub located UR CST- Nyarugenge campus to discuss how potential changes in extreme events related to young women empowerment in STEM may impact our utility and community.

Boot Camp participants included all female students in School of ICT. Throughout the workshop, participants were asked to develop a small mock-up of a website so as to exercise practically their courses. In particular, the boot camp focused on how to relate programming languages to our daily life applications.

The aim of the boot camp is to encourage more girls to pursue technology careers by empowering them with vital knowledge to facilitate their success.

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  1. Bosco - April 27th, 2019 - 6:16PM

    ooh! excellently for your participation for creating the rich learning environment for youths especially women for solving critical community problems through ICT, so keep goal.

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